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In 2006, Will was notified that he had been granted an appointment by the Smithsonian Institution's Arctic Studies Center as Research Collaborator. 

Will has worked for eleven summers in the field with the Arctic Studies Center on Quebec's Lower North Shore on a Basque archaeological excavation. 

His work has appeared in publications of the Arctic Studies Center and in the 'Greenland Culture Festival' in 2005 at the US National Museum of Natural History in Washington.






Greenland from the air

Aerial view of Nuuk (which sounds like "nuke") is the capital of Greenland.  The city is sometimes difficult to reach because of fog which can dominate the mountains and fjords that constitute the geography of Nuuk."Nuuk" means "promontory" which above photo demonstrates.  Located at North 64 degrees 10.581 minutes; West 051 degrees 43.857 minutes, Nuuk has a mild climate. Because of its relative ice-free condition and patches of flat terrain, the Nuuk region constituted the "Western Settlements" of the Vikings for about the first four centuries of the last millennium.


Image in early July is taken from height of land behind village of Qaarsut on the northern side of Nugssuaq Peninsula looking into Uummannaq Fjord North 70 degrees 43.892 minutes ; West 052 degrees 38.942 minutes.

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