Iceland and Greenland, 2004
Will Richard Photography

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green_001_2004 green_002_2004 green_003_2004 green_004_2004 green_005_2004
Lindsay in Greenlandic costume Uummannaq May reflections in Uummannaq Boatyard & Reflections (H) Uummannaq Boatyard & reflections (V) Uummannaq Uummannaq from ridge
green_006_2004 green_007_2004 green_008_2004 green_009_2004 green_010_2004
Boat in Uummannaq Harbour Dyke – “Dragon’s Teeth” in Disco bay area Iceberg & clouds from above Glacial erratic w/ glacial polish – Kangerlussuaq Muskox at Kangerlussuaq – 1
green_011_2004 green_012_2004 green_013_2004 green_014_2004 green_015_2004
Muskox at Kangerlussuaq – 2 Muskox at Kangerlussuaq – 3 Muskox at Kangerlussuaq – 4 Glaciated landscape w/ till Sondre Stromfjord Moss campion near Point 660 On edge of Greenland ice Cap