Maine to Greenland

Maine to Greenland book announcement

Book is scheduled to be released by Smithsonian Books in US and Canada in August 5, 2014.

Price will be $40.00 in both US and Canada.


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Greenlandic Cultural Event

INUK - the film & Greenlandic Youth Performance




Link to the Uummannaq Polar Institute

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Bill Fitzhugh and Judie Birch Varney
Greenland women singers
Ann Andreasen at the podium
Two boys from Greenland view a mineral sample at Museum of Natural History's Q?rius Education Center

Greenland Ambassador to the United States
Bill with Greenlanders examine an archaeological sample case in Museum of Natural History's Q?rius Education Center
Jean Michael La Vallle who composed music for the film Inuk, conducts members of Uummannaq's Children Orchestra
Greenland dancers teach audience an Inuit dance at Museum of the American Indian